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    发布日期:[2018/11/20 22:26:20]作者:



    Medieval Music Risorgimento, also called Authentic Performance Movement, has risen and developed for several decades in Europe after the First World War. A large number of historical materials were discovered during that period, and great composers of the Baroque period were strictly researched, making the authentic performance art and technique of Baroque period restored and re-understood. This movement caused a direct impact on the Performing art of music in contemporary Europe.


    在中国,各大音乐学院的古典音乐学科发展蓬勃兴盛, 培育了不少顶尖的国际音乐人才。但总体上对巴洛克本真音乐风格的认知还在起步阶段。

    In China, classical music discipline in major conservatories has a flourishing development, and these ones have turned out quite a few international music talents. But on the whole, the perception of Baroque Music is still in its initial stage.



    In order to better keep up with the international practice, we invite several famous musicians of classical music to this event to be tutors. They will communicate with the young Chinese musicians for a week and give them academic lectures, master classes and concerts. 



    致 辞

    第二街国际巴洛克音乐节主席Chairman of The 2nd International Baroque Music Festival

    四川音乐学院院长 President of Sichuan Conservatory of Music


    Prof. Lin Geer


    It gives me a great honor, as chairman of the 2nd International Baroque Music Week, to be joined by all of you in this grand occasion.



    Hereon, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to all the musicians and attendees present here.



    During the long history of human civilization, the beauty spawned in arts continuously connects generations and inspires us.



    In the past a few years, we have enhanced the exchanges in terms of music, culture and education with artists around the world and much progress and success has been made.



    We are delighted to see that China is integrating into the world in music and arts.



    I strongly believe that this music week will not only introduce Baroque music to Chinese people, but also promote the mutual understanding and the integration of different cultures in the world.